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In Search of Eden: Coming in January 2019

When it comes to zoos and aquariums and the welfare of their animals, everyone has an opinion. There are those who support them – more than 700 million annual visitors worldwide – and those who oppose them. Look at the furor stirred up over the movie about killer whales and the 2014 killing of a healthy giraffe at a Danish zoo. But in the United States alone, zoos and aquariums have spent more than a billion dollars on field conservation projects over the last 10 years. Who else can say that?

As zoos and aquariums emphasize the importance of their education and conservation work, opponents are gaining traction with arguments about the intrinsic cruelty of captivity. So, should we do away with zoos and aquariums or is their contribution to public enlightenment and to conservation just too compelling? In Search of Eden looks back over a forty year career, reflecting on how the business has changed and how zoos and aquarium must continue to evolve if they wish to avoid the same fate as the vanishing species they seek to protect.



My novel, The Menagerie: A Zoo Story, came out in 2012 and received some positive reviews:

Wonderful read! If you are a fan of zoos you will enjoy this book. (Beverly on May 26, 2012)

Have a love for zoos; ever think about how a zoo becomes a zoo? This is a wonderfully written story of The Dotson Park Zoo, a fictitious place but a story of one of the great American zoos. Flash back in time to a wrestling bear that kills a man in a bar-fight, a cobra in a baby carriage and chimpanzees and elephants living together in the same exhibit. Two dead bodies discovered, both murdered at the zoo. Fascinating history that gives you a new appreciation for zoos and some of the things that happen to make a zoo succeed!   (Symbiosis, Journal of the Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents, Vol. XXIV No. 3, Jul 2012)

One of the most original pieces that I have read. The only thing more dangerous than the animals, is the politics surrounding the park. This park’s history is rife with shady deal making, backstabbing and of course murder. For its unique brand of storytelling, I give this title 3 out of 4 stars. This story changed how I view zoos and has given me a new found respect for the work that goes on to keep them afloat. (Official review, 20 Oct 2013)

But Menagerie was self-published without the benefit of professional editing or cover design. Now, with my second novel in the Menagerie series in the works, it is time to update my first novel with a more professional edited version. Look for a re-release around Christmas and the publication of my new as-yet-untitled novel in 2019.

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