Book – The View from a Wagon

Five Lessons for Living Life in the Slow Lane


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What can quail hunters, shotguns, dogs, and mules teach us about life? Plenty, it seems.

J. D. Porter spent three seasons in the South Georgia woods driving a mule wagon for a quail hunting operation. The pace of his hunt was dictated by the speed of a couple of mules pulling a wagon. When he was not conversing with the hunters, talking to his dog, or swearing at his mules, he was sitting with his feet propped up on the wagon reflecting on life and thinking about how lucky he was to be there. He has boiled some of his reflections down to simple life-lessons that include slowing our lives down, being present in the moment, and showing more kindness to the people around us. He has also come to appreciate the benefits of disconnecting from our fast-paced, digital world and taking the time to appreciate nature.


This little book, The View from a Wagon, offers five big lessons for living life in the slow lane—lessons learned from a slow wagon, fast dogs, and opinionated mules.

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