Enjoying some good reviews on my Book – The Menagerie: A Zoo Story
This was not what I expected from the title. I like to learn when I read and I expected a lot of zoological information. But there was more to this than just a zoo story. There were background stories and character development weaving through periods of time as well through periods of racial and gender struggles that remind us of the way things were in the not so distant (or pleasant) past. This was a good read for learning about the efforts to build and maintain a zoo and for being immersed in the sorted past of a community effort. (Don on amazon.com, April 11, 2012)
Wonderful read! If you are a fan of zoo’s you will enjoy this book. (Beverly on goodreads.com May 26, 2012)
I love a story that starts with the discovery of a dead body. It just pulls you right in, but this book is more than just a mystery. The Menagerie is a “who done it” set amidst the background of a zoo, where the people are not the only ones with personalities. We get to know a little of the behind the scenes in the interesting world of a long established zoological park. Porter makes good use of his zoo experience to bring this story to life. I really enjoyed it. (Karen on goodreads.com, June 9, 2012)
Book ReviewS
By Beverly Shaff, Docent, Seneca Park Zoo
The Menagerie: A Zoo Story
Paperback & Kindle Editions
ISBN 9781470106294
Have a love for zoos, ever think about how a zoo becomes a zoo? This is a wonderfully
written story of The Dotson Park Zoo, a fictitious place but a story of one of the great American zoos. Flash back in time to a wrestling bear that kills a man in a bar-fight, a cobra in a baby carriage and chimpanzees and elephants living together in the same exhibit. Two dead bodies discovered, both murdered at the zoo. Fascinating history that gives you a new appreciation for zoos and some of the things that happen to make a zoo succeed!   (Symbiosis, Journal of the Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents, Vol. XXIV No. 3, Jul 2012)

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I'll probably pick up a copy and maybe review it on my Zoo Tails blog.



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